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Corporate Overview

YMS is an industry recognized leader in the modernization and service life extension of Rotary and Fixed wing aircraft. YMS has significant experience managing large IDIQ contracts that run for many years, as well as extensive experience operating Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories (PMELs) from Alaska to Guam. From aviation and ground vehicle prototype integration and modification to quality systems developed in compliance with ISO 9001/AS 9100/AS 9110, YMS has the experience and leadership to get the job done.

YMS received its SBA 8(a) Certification in 1996 and entered the government market as a small business contractor. YMS received six sole source contracts in 2002 and graduated from the SBA 8(a) program in 2005.


YMS was founded under the Calista Corporation in 1982. In 2009, YMS was transferred to Yulista Holding, LLC under Calista. Calista was founded in 1972 and represents over 13,000 Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Athabascan Alaska Native People. The Calista Region encompasses 58,000 square miles (nearly 10 percent of total Alaskan land area) and is the second largest Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Region in land size. Approximately 75 percent of the land within the region is owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service. Most of the remaining lands are owned by federal and state governments, with a very small amount privately owned.


Yulista Management Services, Inc. maintains the value of teamwork through the value of traditions. We are an industry recognized and renowned leader in the modernization and service life extension of military weapons systems, ground combat systems, ground sensor and surveillance systems and associated ground support equipment. Our strongest attribute is our employees and their technical skill sets. We strive to deliver high quality services and maintain values set forth by our parent corporation.

Company Milestones

1996 - Received SBA 8(a) Certification

1999 - Entered Government Market as Small Business Contractor

2002 - Awarded Six Sole Source Contracts

2005 - Graduated from SBA 8(a) Program

2009 - Ownership Transferred to Yulista Holding, LLC


Calista Corp. Region of Alaska

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